About Tanu

Tanu combines his strong background in asset management and investment analysis with a knack for clear communication in order to help clients understand complex concepts related to their financial goals.

His favorite part of working with clients is not just the satisfaction of analyzing their financial situation and crafting their personalized plan, but explaining the plan in accessible terms. Tanu has nearly a decade of experience in the finance industry, with a background in comprehensive financial planning, wealth management and retirement planning for individuals and small businesses.

When he’s not working with clients, Tanu can be found spending time with his family, skiing, hunting or brewing his own beer. He’s also an avid soccer fan and loves live music. He and his wife have three young children and are active in their church.

How To Contact Tanu

Direct Phone: 610.524.7031

Fax: 610.524.0117

Email: th@wmsplan.com