About Heather

With a master’s degree in Instructional Technology, Heather excels at tying up loose ends and creating systems that prevent things from falling through the cracks. Once she understands how something works, Heather has a knack for breaking it down into its simplest parts and then making it better while putting it back together.

An artist at heart, Heather’s down time usually involves creating something – most frequently cold fusion art jewelry. However, her interests are eclectic. On any given day, you might find her filming sunrise & sunset time lapses, cleaning a lawn mower carburetor, playing with her two senior dogs Apollo and Sadie, teaching online jewelry design classes, installing a new hot water heater, practicing Kundalini yoga or reading a good book for the umpteenth time.

How To Contact Heather


Direct Phone: 610.524.7031

Fax: 610.524.7011

Email: hrivera@wmsplan.com